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Joan Wright & Associates in Fredericton Offers Useful Links

 The recovery specialists at can help individuals find treatment centres for alcohol abuse. The website also provides information and downloadable guides on dealing with alcohol addiction.

Ultimate Guide to Mindfulness and Addiction

In this post, the mindfulness approach to addiction treatment is discussed. Mindfulness can be describes as a “non-judgmental way of paying attention to emotions in the present moment. 

A web resource provided and funded by Advanced Recovery Systems (ARS). ARS is an integrated behavioral health care management organization dedicated to the treatment of addiction, substance abuse, eating disorders and mental health issues.

National Center for PTSD 

American-based information on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that offers great fact sheets to help inform the reader as to the symptoms of PTSD and some resources for learning to calm symptoms.

Child Trauma Academy 

Dr. Bruce Perry has committed his professional career to researching the effects of trauma on children and steps that might be taken to ameliorate the consequences of this trauma.


A crisis line to provide immediate assistance and referral. If you are in crisis and need to connect with someone, please call this number.

Parents, Educators of Explosive Children

Helps the reader find resources to assist with helping a child who is explosive.

Growing Trees

Information on a program designed to help children and adolescents cope with parents who are addicted.

Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous

Like Alcoholics Anonymous, this program offers 12 steps to cope with a sex/love addiction.

The Show Michael Brown on Namaste Radio

Listen to the music journalist and author of “The Presence Process” and “Alchemy of the Heart,” who has used alternative ways to gain relief from a painful neurological condition causing excruciating headaches.

Are we paying attention to ADHD?

Covers attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and its relationship to trauma.

If you want to know the voice of your ego…

Listen to this lighthearted description as it might have been written by Dr. Seuss, presented by Dr. Scott Grace.

What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback East, based here in Fredericton, is an organization dedicated to neurofeedback. Learn more.

National Geographic: The Science of Stress Video

Join National Geographic on this eye-opening look at the science of stress – why we experience stress, the impact of stress, how dangerous stress can be, and more.

Elite Rehab Placement 

Elite Rehab Placement is a no-cost, rehab placement service that helps people of all backgrounds get into rehab. The company helps people deal with their drug and alcohol abuse in a way that best fits their unique situation and lifestyle.

Teenage Substance Abuse  

90% of addictions begin in adolescence. Don’t become a sad statistic. 

Dual Diagnosis 

Drug or alcohol addiction along with mental illness is a devastating combination.

The Recovery Village 

The Recovery Village is an addiction recovery centre focused on tailoring treatments to a patient’s specific needs.

UK Addiction Treatment Centres

90% of addictions begin in adolescence. Don’t become a sad statistic. 

Free Mental Health and Addiction Resources

Oftentimes, people don’t seek help for their mental health and/or addiction issues because they don’t have the necessary funds in their budget. Thus, they have to make the choice to bypass treatment in order to take care of other expenses that meet their immediate needs—paying for housing, keeping utilities on, and feeding their families.

Alcohol Withdrawal: 

This article breaks down the causes and symptoms of alcohol withdrawal, including Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome. Alcohol recovery treatment options are also discussed.

Alcohol Detox and Sleep: 

If you have a problem with alcohol, you have more ways than ever to get help. That’s important because everyone has different needs when it comes to treating alcohol. So here is your first step to getting better.

Regis College Online: 

1927 is the year when Regis College Online started getting their students prepared to face the evolving world. The university offers a master program on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a disorderly reaction that occurs when a person is suffering from a serious or severe illness. Here you can learn more about PSTD.

How Alcohol Negatively Impacts Sleep: 

Indeed, alcohol has negative effects on sleep and these effects are recognized by several symptoms. Take a look to learn more.

Sleep Problems Associated with Addiction and Recovery:

Some people use alcohol or other drugs in order to treat their insomnia, and over time these people become addicts.

Non-drug Therapies for Sleep Disorders: 

There are several treatments of non-drug therapies available for sleep disorders.

Talking to Your Kids about Your Terminal Illness: 

It is really difficult for a parent to announce a terminal illness to the whole family and especially to the children. Learn more on this situation.

Drug rehab connections:

There are a number of resources and organizations that are available to both families and individuals who are suffering from an addiction. No matter where you are at in your journey, it’s important to know that there is help out there for you, and that there is someone more than willing to give you that help.

Diagnosing Depression:

A guide to help you learn more about depression and mental health.

Isolation and Depression in Aging Adults 

This site offers an overview of the issue, as well as the most prevalent causes and solutions. The site also offers an assessment to help determine whether you or a loved one are at risk for isolation and a service that will text you reminders to check in on your loved ones.

The Dangers of Senior Loneliness and Isolation:

This page features similar information as the above resource, but in an infographic perfect for visual learners.

Diagnosing Depression:

A guide to help you learn more about depression and mental health.

Preventing Social Isolation in Seniors Who Live Alone: A Guide for Loved Ones: 

This guide outlines how you can help keep the aging adults in your life engaged and social, offering a wide range of solutions that can be implemented from near or far.

Transportation and the Elderly:

This article talks specifically about lack of access to transportation as one of the main concerns (and easiest fixes) related to senior isolation and depression.

Preparing for the Death of a Terminally-Ill Loved One: What to Expect, and How to Help the Entire Family Move Forward: 

Transitions, particularly the loss of a loved one and the adjustment to living alone, are major risk factors for depression in the elderly population.

Can Social Isolation be Solved with Technology?

This article discusses how technology can be used to combat social isolation and why it shouldn’t be considered a total solution.

Loneliness, Social Isolation, and Poor Health:

This is an interesting look at poor health as a cause and result of isolation. It also discusses the Roseto effect, and how a close-knit community can positively impact heart health.

Coping With Death and Grief – The Bereavement Process Explained:

As much as we don’t like to think about it, death is a part of life. While it’s not a nice thought, there’s nothing we can do to stop those we love from passing away when the time comes.

Helping Families Combat the Dangers of Vaping:

Vaping has gained exponential popularity over the past decade. However, vaping is not safe — in fact, it can cause severe physical injuries and long-term health consequences.

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